The Year that was 2023

The year 2023 was life-changing in a good way. We have Uma in our life, and though we were expecting it to happen, it was much more sudden and was a pleasant surprise. As of now, the year 2024 seems like a continuation of 2023. But before we enter 2024, here are the highlights of 2023.

Footprints of Anju, Thej and Uma. Uma's first visit to beach.
Footprints of Anju, Thej and Uma. Uma's first visit to beach.
  • We are parents now. Uma has settled well. I have been blogging about my parenting experience
  • We are doing very well. We continue to live in two cities. Now, I am actively making plans in Thrissur.
  • I have been healthy except this last week. I donated blood thrice this year; the fourth falls on Jan 2nd. I will continue in 2024. I can reach four donations in 2024. Contact me if you want to join me.
  • Appa has been healthy, and he is doing well. We were supposed to travel together but we couldn't. I hope to change that in 2024.
  • Echo is getting old. You can see grey hairs on him now. You can also feel it when he climbs the stairs. Otherwise, he is healthy. Pathu is an adult now. She is doing very well.
  • Only a little travel or reading happened in 2023. We have been busy with life. Hopefully, 2024 will be more relaxed. I can read more.
  • It's been a good year at Peppo. We met all the deadlines and were able to launch things as expected. 
  • I continued with weekly updates on this blog. It's a whole category now. I feel good writing and also reading others' updates. It's an exciting and very productive format for logging life changes. The year 2023 has been great for blogging. I have written 90+ in this year. I plan to cross 100 in 2024. I have also uninstalled Twitter and Instagram on my phone. My interaction with them also has reduced. I don't see myself being super active on them again.
  • In 2023, we completed six years of the Nagarathna Memorial Grant (NMG). We are going to be entering our seventh year in 2024. Wait for the announcements. 
  • The mapping of CCTV cameras in Bangalore is progressing at a good pace. Now, there is a community around it. I did very little  IDVC data collection. I want to do more in 2024.
  • We had paused Date Nights as we became busy in the second half of 2023. We plan to start again.
  • I am 43. Life has been good.
  • I continue to contribute to DataMeet, BuzzWomen, and IITM BS program.

The world has not changed much. It is going from bad to worse. But you keep fighting as a person to make it a better place in all possible ways.

Be generous, smile a lot, and keep the good fight going. That's the motto for the year 2024. A very happy new year to you all. I wish you the very best.

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