Weekly Notes 06/2024

This week was working with Team Peppo week. They were all in Bengaluru this week. We are a fully distributed team and meet once a year. I am meeting so many of them for the first time, and some after a gap of two years. We are at Dubare today for the weekend to spend some time together outside work. 

At Dubare
On church Street
On church Street
  • I spent the weekend at Kumta. It was a three-day trip. It included about 1000 km of riding from door to door. It was a fun ride, and I enjoyed it.
  • At Nirvana Beach, I did some star gazing using Sky Map and used it to submit GlobeAtNight reportsGlobeAtNight is a citizen science project to track light pollution. 
  • Uma visited the office this week to meet my work friends. She was at ease after the first ten minutes. Then we walked around church street, and she had an idly at Chalukya with my team. We usually go there to get coffee. I also added a couple of entries to the IDVC survey this week. 

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