Ride to Kumta/Gokarna

I rode to Kumta (Gokarna) on Friday and spent the weekend there. This was a much longer ride, 1000 kms door to door. The ride was fun, and I enjoy riding with friends. Like last week, I was a bit nervous again, but it vanished within fifteen minutes. Once you start, you forget things.

With our Rides
With our Rides - Me, Manju, Anand and Arun

We choose to go through the main highway (Red Line, GPX) while going. It is Hubballi Road, a six-lane highway to Ranebennur, so it's an easy ride. Highway post-Ranebennur is narrow but clean. So the ride is still comfortable. It has a beautiful ghat section where you can ride along the river Aghanashini in the last bit.

We spent a lot of time walking around the beach (Purple Line, GPX1 and GPX2), finding new corners of the beach ( Violet Line, GPX), and just lazing around.

On Sunday, on our way back, we came through a different route ( Blue Line, GPX). There were some beautiful ghat sections between Honnavara, Sagara, and Shivamogga. It's scenic and makes the ride joyful. Post that, there is a stretch that's under construction, which makes the ride longer and a bit tiring.

I was initially doubtful about my return to long rides. I really enjoyed the ride with friends. BluArmour made the riding a lot of fun.CB350, my ride from Royal Brothers, matched my style and was easy to handle. It made my ride comfortable. I like that motorcycle. I want to ride more in the coming days. It wouldn't have happened without Manju, Anand, and Arun. Thank you folks.

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