Bathtime with My Little One

When Uma came home, one of the most frequently asked questions was, who would bathe her? I wasn't sure what the answer folk were expecting. But in the general answer was Thej. Then, I realized that people fear handling babies, especially while bathing them, and they are extra doubtful if it's a man, probably for all the right reasons. 

But then, it wasn't the first time I was handling babies. I had dealt with my niece and nephew. At my parent's household, everyone was expected to do everything or be involved with everything. So, I was confident and wanted to enjoy the process. As a kid, I enjoyed bathing. My parents, mostly my father, would bathe us, and then he would take us on a bicycle around the village so that my mother would get a break. I have happy memories of bathing, playing with water, and cycling rounds. So I knew I would enjoy bathing my little one. 

There is no surprise. I enjoy bathing Uma. It's the best time of my day with Uma when we play with water and toys. It's both relaxing and fun at the same. I don't have to take her on a ride like my father did. But mostly put her to sleep after the bath. She goes to sleep quickly after the bath. Bathing is part of my winding-down period of the day and her bedtime routine.

We started bathing her on my legs, a widespread way to bathe babies in South India—we moved to a simple bathing chair as soon as she could balance a bit. A friend of ours lent us one. It was also travel-friendly; I could fold it and pack it as part of her baggage. 

Uma's bath tub

Once she could sit and stand holding things, she didn't enjoy the chair much. So we got a tub (LÄTTSAM Baby bath) from Ikea. Anju also got her a bunch of bathtub toys, books, etc. So she is ready for a tub anytime. 

Most days, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to bathe her unless it's cold outside; then, it will be a quick standing bath. On some weekends, it may take longer. Usually, we use warm water. She loves playing with water, the flowing tap water, and toys. It's so much fun to see her. It makes my day.

So, if you are a parent, especially a father, don't let this opportunity go. Start slowly; if you are new. Confidence will come. It's not rocket science; humans have been doing it for centuries. You can do it too. Not just do it, but also enjoy this incredible bonding experience with your child. 

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