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I have been using apps to track my baby's progress. I mostly use self-hostable web apps that I can host on my home server or Android apps that work offline. All of which are FOSS. Except for the Milestone tracking apps :( They are not FOSS, but they are taxpayer-funded and are freely available.

Milestone Tracker

CDC's Milestone App
CDC's Milestone App
CDC's Milestone App
CDC's Milestone App

CDC's Digital Online Milestone Tracker Web App is also available as an Android and iPhone app. There is also the UN's Baby Milestone tracker if you prefer that. These guide you to track the progress babies and toddlers are making against a defined standard. They also have other valuable features like what activities to do with babies, when to meet the doctor, video tutorials, etc.

Baby Buddy

Baby Buddy - It's a FOSS selfhosted web app. If you have a server, then you can install and use this. It's a lightweight web application that runs well on an SQLite database. I have been using this from the beginning. It's flexible, and you can track what you think is essential. Since it's a web app, more than one person can log in and track it. 

Track and Graph

Track & Graph  (Play, F-Droid) - It's a FOSS Android tracking and graphing application. It's not meant only for babies. You must add parameters you want to track, like weight, height, BMI, head circumference, Sleep, Food intake, etc.

An example set of trackers ( groups ). Credit: Project
An example tracking. Credit: Project

A tracker data point has A timestamp, A value, An optional label, and An optional note. You can also add global notes if you want to note something. You can group trackers so it's easy to discover and log. Say you are using the app for yourself and your baby; then you can group them with the names of people.

It's an offline app. So you will have to share the phone if there are multiple users. There is an option to import/export/backup. If you want to avoid the hassle of installing and maintaining a web app, then this is for you.

One Second Diary App

One Second Diary App - Record or Select
One Second Diary App - Record or Select
One Second Diary App - Calendar View
One Second Diary App - Calendar View

One Second Diary App (Play, Github)- It's a FOSS app for recording 1 to 10-second videos daily and finally composing a movie. It has profiles, so you can have more than one project running. It can also add date, location, and time to videos. The app helps to record milestones and convert them into a memorable movie at the end.

Standard Diary Apps

Standard Diary Apps like this one or this one. The idea is to make a record of an event with location, notes, and associated images. You can use a book if you want to use something other than the app. BabyBuddy and TrackAndGraph have note-taking capabilities if you dislike using a separate app. You could also use your regular diary or note-taking app for this.

Do you use any apps for progress or milestone tracking of your little one? Do send me.

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