Weekly Notes 10/2024

It's interesting to see how Uma interacts with the iRobot vacuum. During the day, when it's charging, she wants to poke it to get a reaction. Sometimes it does; if the poke is strong, it comes alive with beeps and lights and rearranges itself on the charging port, and she seems to like that reaction. When it's cleaning, she tries to follow it, but as soon as it turns back, she runs away from it. It's been a fun game to watch.

Uma and iRobot
Uma and iRobot
  • ✍️ I wrote the 20th LinkedList post covering the FOSS Apps I use to track my baby's progress
  • ✍️ I learned quite a bit about 360-degree panorama images. Now, I need to capture some to embed here. 
  • 🎁 Applications for NMG/2024 are open until March 15th, which is next Friday. We have some additional contributors, so the total grant is 2 Lakh. Please do apply or share.  
  • 👨‍🍼 Uma started walking this week. She can take up to 10 steps without holding anything. She still needs to get her balance right but continues practicing this new skill. So, in another week or two, she will be proficient.
  • 👨‍🍼 Starting with Uma, we all went to one round of cold. 
  • 🕸️ Here is my friend Haripriya's blog. She is a talented programmer who also writes weekly notes
  • ☕ I met friends again this week for coffee. It is good to reconnect, and I enjoy the conversations. 
  • 💻 Work has been good. We have a couple of big releases next week, so this week was spent testing and preparing for them. I am excited about them. 

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