Weekly Notes 18/2024

We have AC now. I don't know how big of an event that is for anyone. For me, it's huge. I never thought I would get one. But here we are. The summer of 2024 has changed everything.  Strangely enough, it rained today and yesterday, bringing down the temperature a bit. Hopefully, it will continue to rain more, so we won't have to use AC.

View from my window. I couldn't take a good picture. But I was so happy to see rain.
View from my window. I couldn't take a good picture. But I was so happy to see rain.
  • 🫂 We had friends over on Saturday to meet Uma. We have not had such a large group of friends in a while. Uma, Pathu, and Echo enjoyed all the attention they got. 
  • 📺 I watched Lapata Ladies and Amar Singh Chamkila. Both are good and very watchable. I am watching good Hindi movies after a long time. Sadly, both films had to be watched on TV, and they didn't get a big release (?) in theaters.
  • 🫂 There are not many free public places in Bengaluru where you can meet friends and chat. Almost all coffee places and pubs are loud, not conducive to conversations, and expensive. I met a friend at Rest House Park near Brigade Road. It is a small but lovely park with seats.  Hopefully, the parks that we currently have will survive. 
  • 🕸️ I have a WordPress child theme that I have customized based on the Hueman Pro theme. This dependency means once in a while, when there is an update to the Primary theme, my child's theme breaks. They are usually not critical, but they irritate me. I had to fix a function that I used with tag_description this week. General software development issues, I guess. 
  • 🫂 We met a bunch of TVC friends on May 1st. There is some progress on the construction front. I plan to visit sometime this month to watch the progress. I am pretty excited about it. 
  • 🩺 I got some dental work done today. I have a metal screw in my body now. Hopefully, all my outstanding dental work will get done this year. The progress until now is very positive. 
  • 💻 My Inbox is usually Zero. For the last few weeks, it wasn't. It's back to zero again. It's one way I track my work. The next few months will be hectic; I see lots of interesting work getting done.  
  • 🎉 One of the earlier NMG/2024 grantees couldn't receive the funds. Hence, we have a new grantee - Ravi Dwivedi/ Prav Team. 

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3 Responses

  1. Gurudatta K N says:

    hi Thejesh, I’ve been a follower of your works be it at GeoBLR or DataMeet, I enjoy reading your weekly notes, it’s almost like we are having a casual conversation at a not so loud cafe :-)

  2. Thejesh GN says:

    Thank you Gurudatta. Its the intention of this weekly notes, to have a casual conversation.