Echo, Pathu and Uma

We introduced Uma to Pathu and Echo on day one, and she has grown up with them since then. Echo and Pathu have been friendly to people and toddlers even before Uma. So it wasn't difficult to introduce Uma to them, even though she was the youngest baby they had met. It's also the first time they are living with a human baby. Their relationship is that of siblings. They spend a lot of time together, playing and interacting. 

Echo acts like a typical older brother. He allows her to do almost everything and is very gentle with her. He doesn't play with her. We usually find Uma petting Echo. He enjoys the attention he gets from her. 

Uma petting Echo
Uma petting Echo
Watching, always
Trying to scare a pigeon
Uma and Pathu window watching
Uma and Pathu window watching

Pathu and Uma play a lot with each other. You will usually find them stealing each other's toys, watching strangers from the balcony, trying to get our attention simultaneously. Uma is the youngest, so currently, she has all the privileges of any youngest child in the family. 

Uma is very fond of both. She misses them a lot when they get boarded. You can notice that very clearly in her energy levels and activities. She loves to feed them. They also travel well together as a group.

I think Uma learned to walk early due to her active siblings. She is not scared of any other pets and is not afraid of barking. On most days, she sleeps through it as well. Studies have shown that pets are good for the physical, psychological, and social development of babies and toddlers. I have come to agree with them.

Overall, Pathu and Echo are perfect elder siblings. 

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  1. Manoj Kengudelu says:

    Lovely Post Thej! Heartwarming!

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