Weekly Notes 21/2024

I have had a busy week at work. Lots of non-technical work got done this week. Running an organization means lots of meta work. I took Tuesday off. I wasn't feeling great. I was exhausted for some reason. Over time, I have realized that when I am tired, it's better to take the days off than to push through things. I do much better the next day.

 Uma imitates my newspaper reading style.
Uma imitates my newspaper reading style.
  • 🫂 It was a busy weekend meeting people, going out for lunch, etc. But it was a fun weekend.
  • 👶 Uma copies everything we do now. In the morning, I drink coffee and read the newspaper. She imitates my newspaper reading style. Since she's so observant, I'm more mindful of my actions around her. For example, I've reduced using my phone in the morning. I mostly spend time playing with her or reading.
  • ✈️ This year, Appa turns seventy. So we want to go on one big trip every year from now on, starting with Cambodia. We have not done any travels after that road trip in UP. So, I booked tickets to Cambodia this week. It will be in the last week of June. We are planning to do a limited no of things and do them well. I am pretty excited about this trip.
  • 🥭 I had lots of mangoes this week. A friend sent me a bunch, as did Anju's parents. So, lots and lots of good mangoes. 
  • 🫂 I went out for a mid-week lunch with friends at Maverick & Farmer Coffee. Staying in the city's center and working from home means you can meet friends for lunch on a working day. 
  • 🏡 I got Philips 16Amp smart plug with Wiz Enabled. You will need the app to set up and configure the Smart Plug. Once that is done, just add the IP address to Home Assistant. After that, you won't need Wiz App. I got it to measure the energy usage of my kitchen gadgets. I will write a detailed review once I get some energy data. For now, I am happy.
  • 💻 I have been experimenting with Ollama and Litellm to build local-only fun stuff. I have lots of work notes and documentation that I have written and cataloged over time. I want to develop a good search on top of it. I am seeing some positive results. I will blog about it once I have details. Of course, there are products available to do this in the market. But how do we learn without building?

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1 Response

  1. SSP says:

    That mimicking act is real! I consciously reduced my mobile phone and screen usage when I noticed that a few years ago with S.
    Been thinking of getting a programmable PDU for managing and controlling my devices. Rather not have needless apps?
    Also, looked at the IndieWeb?