Weekly Notes 24/2024

Appa turned seventy this week. Appa is reasonably fit for his age. Hopefully, I will be as active and physically healthy as he is when I turn seventy. He is pretty excited about his upcoming trip. Amma would have also turned seventy this week. They are a few days apart. I miss her.

Tacfasana by BKS Iyengar
Tadasana by BKS Iyengar
  • 🫂 Jayanth and Varsha were here this weekend. It was a short visit for them this summer. Hopefully, we will get to spend more time in October.
  • 🫂 I also had another set of cousins visiting Uma for breakfast. We also talked long about weddings, dowry, wedding-related debts, etc.
  • ✍️ I wrote about the reasons for restoring my old motorcycle. The sole reason is the joyful memories that I have had with this motorcycle. It brings back those memories when I look at it.
  • ✍️ We are in week 24. And I have already done 50 blogs this year. So, I might reach 100 blogs this year.
  • 💻 Lots of work got done this week. I also have a hectic weekend as I am mostly away next week.
  • 🧘 I started Level 1 (Foundation) of Yoga. It needs more focus than the introduction classes. I like it. I also started reading (more like referring) Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar. It's a manual. I like the format. Once you try an asana in the class, you can read more about it here. You get all the info that you would have missed in the class. I also tend to forget some instructions :)
  • 🌦️ We got AC in week 18/2024, but it started raining the same week. And the weather has been great since then. We have used it for four or five nights at max. We should have waited for one more week.

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