AWA 1: AngkorWithAppa begins and we are in Siem Reap

Earlier this year, Appa wanted to go on a trip like the one we did in 2017. But this time outside the country. Since he likes history, architecture, and so on, I thought of Cambodia. He had already seen some documentaries on Angkor Wat, so it didn't take much time to decide. Rema Aunty (Anju's mother) joined us for this trip.

At bangkok Airport
At Bangkok Airport
On our Way to Siem Reap
On our Way to Siem Reap

Last night, we flew from Bengaluru. Since there was no direct flight, we flew to Bangkok and took another flight to Siem Reap. The layover in Bangkok was about 9 hours. We didn't leave the airport but mostly spent time eating, sleeping, and resting at Coral Lounge. By 14:30, we reached Siem Reap. Since I had completed all the paperwork and was present with a printed copy of the eVoA and arrival form, Border was easy.  

AWA 1: AngkorWithAppa - Siem Reap
Siem Reap Airport

Siem Reap has a new airport built by the Chinese. It looks new and big. It is far away from the city. It took us about 50 mins to reach our AirBnB, even without any traffic. Our friendly AirBnB host arranged pickup.

I did some grocery shopping in the evening. Then we went to the Made in Cambodia Market (OSM). We didn't buy anything but saw a few interesting things. From there, we walked to Dakshin's restaurant and had dinner. We took an auto back to our stay. Tomorrow, we are going to the famous Angkor Wat complex.

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