Weekly Notes 25/2024

I am in Cambodia with Appa and Rema Aunty. Since the last few trips, I have liked doing quick daily logs. So, I have been doing the same with our trip here under the tag AngkorWithAppa. It's been just three days, but I miss my people in Bengaluru a lot. I think it's because I have not traveled this far since Uma has been home. It's also the time difference and feeling of being away.

At Angkor Wat
At Angkor Wat
  • Daily log from the first two days of the trip - AWA 1 and AWA 2.
  • I met Lawrence, Carl, and others at BIC. I went to meet Lawrence Liang. There was a pending Thank you. I met Uthara at the same place, and it was a pleasant surprise.
  • I watched Kotee. I liked it. It's not a fast-paced action thriller; it has no suspense or violence. In fact, it takes its time to establish the story; it doesn't hurry. But it kept me entertained. It's a simple and honest movie about a simple man who is honest to the fault.
  • There is a new Kannada series called EKAM by Journeyman Productions and Paramvah Studios. They are going directly to consumers (Viewers). I was part of a similar experiment in 2013 by Pawan. Lucia was crowdfunded and also had a regular and d2c distribution. This effort reminded me of that experiment and effort. Many things have changed since then. D2C is much more real today than in 2013. I will apply just to see how things are going in 2024.
  • Appa is using my 2007 Sony Cyber Shot camera. It shoots at 5.1 megapixels and has 3x optical zoom. He likes to take pictures with it. It takes very decent pictures.

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