Author: Thejesh GN

My Boring Yet Modern Data Stack

We have a data stack that we have been using for years now. We have used it with medium to large customers, and they have worked very well. The goal has always been simple, stable, composable tools that can be used on the developer’s machine and scaled to work with massive data on production. You can self-host them, host them on the cloud, or get managed services based on your need.

Very similar to my web stack. It’s called “Boring” not because it’s dull but because there are minimal unwanted surprises. So my current stack for data looks like this. This stack is both “Modern” and “Boring.”

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Weekly Notes 49/2022

This post is my 67th blog this year—the highest number of blogs in a year since 2009. I can only see it growing as I move away from social media. Currently, I use Twitter and Instagram, but my usage has reduced drastically due to blogging here and I don’t remember when I logged into Facebook. So, all in all good.