Author: Thejesh GN

Pathu and Echo investigating an intruder (cat).

Weekly Notes 02/2023

One big rule we follow at Peppo team is – Be Nice to each other and everyone with whom you work. It makes a lot of difference. If you look at DataMeet’s code of conduct. It’s the first rule. I sincerely believe in it and take it wherever I go. We can’t build organizations or teams without being nice to each other. When I see broken teams, most often than not, this is the rule that would have made a difference. Whats your one rule while working in a team?

Image of Anju's grandmother in my head.

Weekly Notes 52/2022

We were supposed to be in Bangalore tomorrow, just in time for the new year. But Anju’s grandmother passed away this morning. She was 90+ years. She had a wonderful life filled with grand-kids, great grand-kids. Death was peaceful. Her image in my head is always of the person reading the newspaper in the morning.