Author: Thejesh GN

Be Nice

Be Nice to everyone is the first thing I say to every team member I have worked with, professionally or personally, so much so that it is part of the code of conduct at DataMeet and other places. But as I meet more folks, I see that people think being nice is a weakness and...

ನಾಗರತ್ನ ಸ್ಮಾರಕ ಅನುದಾನ - Nagarathna Memorial Grant

NMG – 2024 – Results

Finally, I am on time this year, and the results are here. There were 350+ applications this year. I spent a lot of time in the last two weeks reading and filtering them. There were many eligible and exciting applications, but I am limited by our total funds. Thanks to friends for pitching in. This year’s total grant amount is 2,90,000. Kids scholarship of 1 Lakh is outside the initial budget that I had allocated for NMG. So its more like the base NMG is now 2 Lakhs, rest of it came from friends of NMG.