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Karate Mocks on Google CloudRun

I have written mock features in Karate for integration testing. Recently I wanted to run them centrally somewhere so all my testing infra can use the same set of Mocks. I wanted an easy way to launch it and maintenance-free. So I tried it with CloudRun, which can run any stateless web service. One needs to provide a container to it. That’s all.

Linked List: FOSS Android Apps for GIT Users

I do quite a bit of work on the go; most of it happens on the phone. It’s not easy to software development on the phone. That is mostly due to the small screen size and lack of a hardware keyboard. Nevertheless, I have made numerous small changes to code on the phone, deployed them. The other big use case is browsing the code on the go, doing reviews and accepting merge requests, etc. I use the following apps for the same.

Linked List: FOSS Download Managers for Everyday Use

When I am traveling, I avoid connecting to public wifi or guest wifi. So I am left with mobile Internet. I have 4G connections from all three providers (Airtel 4G, BSNL 4G, and Reliance Jio 4G). Even then, I don’t get enough bandwidth to download something large enough like the latest Ubuntu ISO during the day. The only option is download managers. So these are my choice.