Honda H’ness CB350

The only bike I owned was a Yamaha Fazer 125. After my long ride across India in 2010, I stopped using it, and it still sits unused in my parking. In fact, since 2010, I have not ridden anything at all.

I wanted to ride again this year, so the search for the appropriate bike began. I found Honda H'ness CB350 the most suitable bike for me. I rode it for 1000+ km in total. Here is what I think about it.

  1. Powerful - I wanted enough power to beat traffic. Highways have more vehicles now, and the average speed on the road is also more than in 2010. I wanted something more than 300CC and a minimum of 20bhp to navigate amongst them. CB350 is 348.36cc and 20.78 bhp, so it fits my needs. 
  2. Ride Comfort - I wanted a comfortable ride. I am 163 cm tall and weigh 63 kg. The riding height and curb weight of CB350 are 800mm and 181 Kg, respectively. It's something I can handle comfortably. 
  3. Tourer - I wanted a tourer with a comfortable seat and a riding position that is straight and not aggressive. I liked the riding position of the CB350, even though I wish the handle could have been nearer to the rider so I could be more relaxed. May be a small adjustment or modification can fix it. I liked the comfortable and large split seats.
  4. Ride - I could cruise comfortably between 80 and 100kmp as the highway limits allowed. It was stable and didn't complain at all. I felt comfortable. It had enough power to do quick overtakes when required. Even inside the city, the clutch and gear shifts were clean, and the turns were easy. So it was a pleasure to ride.
  5. Safety - It has an Anti-Lock Braking System; I have not ridden a bike with ABS before. So, just the presence of it made me happy. It also has basic traction control (Honda Selectable Torque Control) that uses the difference between front and rear wheel speeds, calculates the slip ratio, and adjusts engine torque. HSTC can be switched off. I also appreciate the side stand indicator with the engine cut-off. It's been very useful. 
  6. Tech - The console is simple. It has a standard speedometer and a small LCD screen to show the details. I like the fact it shows how much mileage I have left. This is useful on long rides. It has a Honda Smartphone Voice Control system (HSVCS). It's an App with a Bluetooth connection to the bike, and you can control the app using the buttons on the handlebar. It helps make calls, etc. You can also give voice commands if you like to operate that way.
  7. Mileage - I consistently got 40+ kmpl. In fact, in some parts, I got 45kmpl. Combine this with a 15 Ltr tank; you can easily cover 600 without refueling. 
  8. Look and feel - it looks good in matt green. It simultaneously looks classy and simple, like a typical Honda.

The only miss is the sound indicator when the turning indicator lights are on. I am so used to it in the car that I used to leave the turning indicator on initially. It took me some time to get used to manually switching it off.

Overall, I am pleased I chose the CB350; I will hire it again if I plan to ride more, and I will indeed consider it if I intend to buy a motorcycle.

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