The Year that was 2020

What a crazy year! I guess everyone was hoping this year will end soon. It has now. But for some reason, I think 2021 won't be that different. Yes, there is a vaccine, and we all might get one. But there is so much that needs to be rebuilt. 2020 more than anything, showed how much our society is broken. At least for me. So rebuilding in 2021 will be equally frustrating and hard. Let's hope "we" can together rebuild it.

2020 was bearable because of Echo and Pathu
2020 was bearable because of Echo and Pathu

Like everyone else, it was a mixed bag for me too. Here are some of the highs and lows of 2021.

  1. My heart goes to millions of Indians and, in general, people worldwide affected by COVID-19 and apathetic governments. I am sure we will survive this. The most important thing is, what do we learn from this?
  2. We have Echo and Pathu in our life now. This is the most positive thing of the year 2020.
  3. Anju wrote a biography of Pathu. If you like pets, you might like the book. I helped in creating the ebook. Love SIigil.
  4. Launched core products at Peppo. We have an amazing team, and I think we are doing something that might have a long term impact. I am very proud of my work and team at Peppo. I also was able to contribute to Beckn protocol. And launch the first network there.
  5. I worked on a lot of COVID-19 related data projects. Deaths due to lockdown caught everyone's eye. Also helped to launch CORENET web.
  6. Helped to launch IITM's Online Degree Program. They have a great team, which is dedicated and focused. I am sure we will reach record numbers.
  7. I have not worked this hard or this much in my life. It should reduce in 2021
  8. After delaying a bit, we dd award of NMG2020. I am very happy I did. And they have done some amazing work with that small money. I will write in detail in the coming months. I also will update the NMG page with more details.
  9. I have been exploring Semantic Web, RDF, etc. I have also started contributing to DataCommons, WikiData, etc
  10. I am fourty. I feel a bit like an adult now.

How did you deal with this pandemic? I mostly handled with by over working and spending time with family.

I wish you all a great 2021.