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Gokarna Beach Walk

Gokarna has five known beaches. Gokarna, Kudle, Om, Half Moon and Paradise. First three are well-known and have all kinds of facilities and the last two as of now doesn’t offer much. In a recent trip we stayed at Linger Gokarna which is on the other side (to north) and all the other...


Conquering Kudhuremukh Part 2

Already PP,Chetan and manja were ready to take the next challenge……but we 3 were still in the sleeping mood….. but we got up and finished our morning work……had breakfast….Noodles and Concrete…….. Later packed our bags….now our bags were not so heavy…..just a thought came into to my mind that how much we eat.....

Conquering Kudhuremukh Part1 0

Conquering Kudhuremukh Part1

I didnt have any plans for the weekend as i had lotz of work on friday….and for the weekend too. Then on friday i came out of office around 9:00 pm to go home….venki (my room mate) called me and asked me too wait as he has something to carry home and he...