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40-twits app similar to @davewiner’s 0

40-twits app similar to @davewiner’s

After looking at Dave Winer’s Top 40 links on twitter app, I wrote my own version of it called TopLinks It displays the the top links (sorted by number of visits, like digg) shared by me on twitter in last 400 tweets. Its been scheduled to run once every hour.The logic is little...

How to kill that Digg Bar Frame 4

How to kill that Digg Bar Frame

Digg recently introduced url shortener. This is not your standard url shortener where the shortener does a 302 forward. Digg shortener displays destination site in a frame. Which means the reader still stays on the Digg. Most of the modern web analytics software will be able to record this visit, but it will...

RSS Feed for Aamir Khan’s blog using YQL and Pipes 8

RSS Feed for Aamir Khan’s blog using YQL and Pipes

As you know earlier I had parsed Aamir Khan’s Blog to create a feed. It was custom screen scraping code to generate the feed.Today, after reading Anand’s blog, I did the same using YQL and Pipes. Using YQL/PIPE is much easier than writing custom code and is less buggy. If you have subscribed...

My Twitter Followers :) 6

My Twitter Followers :)

Its a mosaic of all my twitter followers (48pxx48px) profile pictures. Its a long post to be completely displayed on front page. So click on the link.

Tweet 4 Blood 7

Tweet 4 Blood

OK. I was getting bored on Saturday and a friend of mine’s father went through heart surgery on last Thursday. Both events inspired me to code tweet4blood So here it is tweet4blood is at http://tweet4blood.com From where you can tweet your blood requirement with out logging in. It tweets it to @tweet4blood. If...

Now from mediatemple 3

Now from mediatemple

Shifted to mediatemple web hosting now. Now the site lives on grid :) Got a mediatemple grid hosting sometime back. But was not able to move this domain until today. Last few days I worked on moving and today I am done. Everything should work smoothly. Let me know if you find any...