Monthly Archive: August 2005

VTU – FLOSS Campaign status 0

VTU – FLOSS Campaign status

Our visit to VTU-Belagum was very disappointing. The VC didn’t keep his word….adding to our grieve VC was in Bangalore. And got to know that he will be in Bangalore two out of seven days. ——————copy of the appointment which I got————————– Dear Thejesh G.N. I am pleased to inform you that our...

Ride to Pondicherry 1

Ride to Pondicherry

This particular ride is out of my personal experience. I have driven my Yamaha from Bangalore to Pondicherry. It was really a memorable ride of my life. Day 1: we were supposed to leave by 5:30 am. Myself and D waited for Vinay and MK. It became six then six thirty. They arrived...