Ride to Pondicherry

This particular ride is out of my personal experience. I have driven my Yamaha from Bangalore to Pondicherry. It was really a memorable ride of my life.
Day 1:

we were supposed to leave by 5:30 am. Myself and D waited for Vinay and MK. It became six then six thirty. They arrived at last. We started with out even breakfast. We planned to have it in between. D has such a big bag that I had to tie that bag to the side of the bike. After reaching Krishnagiri we are supposed to take a left turn. Vinay went ahead. We had wait and call him so that he could come back.

The drive after that was easy. The road was cool and didnt have much traffic. We didn't stop for breakfast. It was one long ride till thirumannamalai. Even there we didnt have breakfast. Our next stop Gingi fort. We climbed all the way to the top. Everybody was tired. When we started MK was so tired that we had to stop road side to buy him some drink. We reached pondicherry
Day 2:
->Visit Ashram early morning.
->Fort later.
->Visit beaches in the evenings.
->City in the night.
Day 3:
->leave pondicherry by 5AM
->Reach blore by 6pm.

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  1. August 6, 2007

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