The great escape

Subash has been one of my heroes since school time. How can I miss visiting his home when I have been to Kolkatta all the way from Bangalore? After visiting to Kali Mandir we caught the metro to reach Netaji House. Unfortunately it was 4:15pm by the time we reached. And they close Netaji house by 4. Well everything I wanted to see was outside. The escape route, the car etc. I took few pictures of the house and the steps at the back of the house he used for the escape. I have the picture of the car too. Let me search them and upload.

Matty in front of Netaji Bhavan.

The steps at the back of the house used by Netaji.There is dog cage below the steps. But on the day of the escape Netaji had asked his servent to take out the dog from there. This staircase does not have any lighting. This was made for escape.

Subash home Kolkatta India

The store was open hence I could buy few books and CDs related to Netaji. I have uploaded Netaji war cry audio taken from the audio CD.
[Update 23-Jan-2007] Odeo removed all the audio files. I am not sure of the reason. I now have the files on my server.

This story is a part of my travel stories from North East India called storiesfromnortheastindia. The places covered are Kolkatta, Darjeeling, Gangtok and many other in Sikkim.

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