Innovative Mobile PCO using WLL phone

Check the bag and the Tata Indicom WLL phone. The guy is a mobile STD/ISD PCO. People who don’t have mobile phone can use his phone to call home/friends in the train. This is what I call Innovation. I think the business model will work. Many Indian train stations don’t have PCO booths and even if they have, usually they will be heavily crowded. With mobile PCO why worry about standing in the line?
Innovation WLL phone as Mobile PCO
Taken by my friend Vinay (vinayind at gmail dot com) some where is north east India. Since he is not a very active blogger I am blogging about it. A very good picture Vinay, you surely have an eye for such things.

5 Responses

  1. lucky d says:

    I am curious how it works? If the customer wants to use a pco then obviously he doesnot have a phoneline to his house, and he is not using a mobile phone either, hmmm>>>

  2. thejeshgn says:

    @lucky: Think of a customer who doesnt have mobile phone but has a landline at home. He want to call his home.

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