Friends Birthday and Drive to Nandhi Hills

Well as planned we went Sandeeps home to wish him on his birthday(30Aug). Everything got over by 1am. Now what to do till morning. Everybody went back to sleep except myself and MK. Note: All the pictures are taken using my K750i mobile, so don't expect clarity. Click on the image for a bigger size.
We got a crazy idea of going to Nandhi Hills in the morning. But what to do until 5 am? Roam around the city and drive to Nandhi Hills in the early morning. But next day was a working day... who cares?


Roamed the whole city for three hours had some great tea at Shivaji Nagar and Koramangala.  At 4 am could not wait more  started driving towards Nandhi Hills. I drove very slow for the first time in my car's life.
It was really misty while climbing. I could not see more than 10ft. I was on first gear through out my climb. The guy at Radio Big played "onde ondu saari" at last, the only good song he played.
Reached the top by 5 I think. It was still misty. I was tired.  And there was no chance for watching sunrise with that kind of mist. Hence took a power nap for about an hour inside the car.
At 6 most of the mist had cleared. It was more beautiful. We spent some time and started driving back because I had to go to office. Actually the drive back was more amazing.
It was amazing drive and crazy night out. It was great fun. Thanks MK for the company.

12 Responses

  1. Raghu says:

    Guru…nana magandu..chindi guru e photosu! Nam K’taka super guru…

  2. manojvasanth says:

    Gorgeous Pics :). It reminds mah last trip…Thanks

  3. sandeep says:

    sooooperrrr machaaaa……missed it

  4. Sangs says:

    good pics…..

  5. Hari says:

    Man…. it was great time for sure… I can feel it by just readin seeing your pics… great one dude… wish i could so sometime..

  6. thejeshgn says:

    @Hari, We can go sometime…


    super ama

  8. arunkumar N says:

    wow huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu yaaaaaa huuuuuuuuuuuuuu super guru i realy enjoyed in photos

    Arun N

  9. wow, it is a amazing place to walk in the snow season. that is very coolest experience to me.

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