Some more pics from Nandhi Hills

Been to Nandi hills many times. But each time it gives me something new. Here are pics from my recent visit.

Post office and police station
This small room is both post office and police station. (Police Station is written only in Kannada) Did you read that message " Your letter posted here will get this pictorial cancellation". Do you know any other post offices which has a different kind of cancellation other than the regular date & place.

Peak of nandhi hills
Peak of Nandi hills. You will going through clouds when you climb the Nandhi hills early in the morning.
Village in Mist
This is how the village looks early morning.
Village in clear
This is how the village looks after sometime (not sure if its the same village).

5 Responses

  1. ManojVasanth says:

    Lovely pictures..Which Cam did you use?Of course..Nice angles too

  2. Veera says:

    Very nice pictures. Especially the cloud covered peak!

  3. Draco says:

    cool pics…nd ofcourse nice blog!

  4. Harsha says:

    I yet to visit Nandhi Hills.. :( yes i have missed it many times.. will make it soon

  5. Prats says:

    Awesome Pics!!! i dont know why i didn’t visited them when i was in Blore!! :-(