Everything about my Coffee

fillter kaapiMy daily coffee consumption is around 3 cups on a working day. I dont usually drink coffee at home other than weekends. At home it is filter coffee.

Filter Coffee or South Indian Filter coffee or kaapi is part of culture in Karnataka or TN. It is customary to offer a cup of kaapi to guests. Nothing beats kaapi and masala dose as evening chat combo. So kaapi is during those peaceful family gatherings or during saturday evening movie time.

Espresso (at home we call decoction kaapi. We make only when there is no option of getting milk) is my 3pm coffee. Thats when you would have lots of work to finish at office. My every coding session ends with a Espresso. Its highly addictive and no other coffee comes on par once you get addicted to it. Espresso is from Italy. It contains double the caffeine content compared to regular coffee but usually served in lesser quantities. An average serving size is 30ml called shot. I usually take 2 shots of espresso with a shot of hot water (all most Americano). Its a good companion for night-outs (long coding sessions during the night).

Latte or Cafe latte is made up of 1/3 espresso with milk added. Latte is ended by adding milk froth of about a centimeter or more exhibiting latter art. Most of the coffee chains in India or in US can't differentiate between Latte and Cappuccino. In India when you ask for a Latte, you are most likely to be served with Cappuccino. Latte is more of milk and espresso. And not foam and espresso.Never take a Latte warm.It should be hot. If I take a coffee around 10 am that would be Latte

Cappuccino is made up of 1/3 espresso, 1/3 milk and 1/3 foam. I guess its the most ordered coffee in India. All Coffee chains in India have it on their menu. In India its usually has less espresso and more milk than the definition. So it is usually lighter than you expect. Well I can have Cappuccino any time during the day. I like iced version too. You will see a cup of Cappuccino beside me when I go on long drive( on road or on web) usually a grande size.

by two coffee kudiyoNa bartira? ( will you come to have a by two coffee with me?)

Warning: Dont drink coffee to stay healthy. Or at least plan your drinks.

Type of coffee Caffeine
Caribou Cappuccino, 12 oz. 160-200
Decaffeinated, instant, 8 oz. 2
Decaffeinated, brewed, 8 oz. 2
Espresso, 1 fluid oz. 64
Instant, 8 oz. 62
Plain, brewed, 8 ounces (oz.) 95
Starbucks Caffe Latte, 16 oz. 150
Starbucks Coffee Grande, 16 oz.

Meter: Shot = 30 ml = 1 ounce
Grande = 16 ounce

3 Responses

  1. sandeep says:

    machaa… no kaapi can beat…that v had in Madhurai…the taste is awesome…

  2. Thejesh GN says:

    @sandeep I know filter coffee is the best to have in the morning…

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