Two lesser known Bangalore brands that I love

There are many Bangalore brands that I love. But today I want to write about two **lesser** known Bangalore brands. The reason I have emphasized **lesser** is because most of us know them as just big brands but not as Bangalore based brands.
Cafe Coffee Day
For a guy who drinks up to three Grande Lathes per day, its difficult cafe_coffee_day to miss it. I have told the story of CCD to so many who doesn't know about it. Today officially I am going to write about it. Cafe Coffee Day is a very good case study for any budding entrepreneur. Cafe Coffee Day launched its first cafe in 1996 on Brigade Road in Bangalore. Today they have over 800+ cafes including one each in Pakistan, Germany and two in Austria. Bangalore its home town has 100+ ccds spread all over. CCD became instant hit amongst south Indian coffee drinking youth, mainly because of its style and affordability. I like their 24x7 cafes on major high ways in and around Bangalore. I also like their new Coffee Day Square concept. You can find their first Square at their corporate office premises in Bangalore.
And yes it is owned by Siddartha son in law of SM Krishna. But that doesn't take anything away from him. I am sure he is using all his J.M. Morgan Stanley experience to make it big.
Update: I just read this very interesting interview of Siddartha by Subroto Bagchi on Forbes India. It seems Siddartha worked along with his team in a CCD in Calcutta on 31st night. And then
Subroto: What was the biggest lesson for him in all this?
Siddartha: “I was simply amazed how indifferent people are to those who serve. Three rich women came, ordered their drinks, did not once look at me, and settled the cheque, did not care to tip me, but worse, did not say a ‘thank you’ before leaving for someplace else where revelry awaited them. It shocked me because it was New Year’s Eve. I thought people would be nice to others because they themselves were in such a joyous state of mind.” Read that interview at Forbes India.

For trekkers or adventure sports lovers I don't have give an introduction of wildcraft. I have been owning wildcraft bags since college days. Long time back I went to their Jayanagar branch to get a bag zipper repaired. The guy at the shop fixed the zipper for free with out asking any history. wildcfaft Obviously I was impressed. That is when I got to know that its a bangalore company. I dont know much about the company other than it was found by Dinesh who has engineering background. Its almost ten years old now. But I have been big fan of their bags (check last pic).

There are many other bangalore brands like MTR to Infosys which I like. But here I just wanted to speak about **lesser known bangalore** brands.

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  1. Manoj says:

    I love these two brands..totally!

  2. Supriya says:

    Sadly I don’t like coffee days anymore because of their own culture that they are influencing among todays youth. I personally had similar experiences in 3 coffee-day outlets (Koramangala – near JNC, Banashankari – near the BDA and the one at Forum). I was at coffee day waiting for a friend and he was playing Himesh Reshmiya – well, no offence meant to HR fans – but its not some kind of music that you would listen to and enjoy in any mood. and I was particularly upset that day and the music was getting on my nerves. So I gently requested them to play some soft Kannada songs for a while. The reply however was blatant-on the face “Madam we ‘are not allowed’ to play Kannada Songs here”. I would have been fine if this was a one time event. But I have seen this ‘no respect for locals or local language’ in many outlets on different occasions. :( :(

  3. Lavanya says:

    Two of my fav brands in Bangalore.. I swear by Wildcraft. One of the first few things I wanted to buy from my own earnings was a backpack from Wildcraft. I still have that even after almost a decade. Thanks for writing abt them.

  4. nice n well thought off post.

    CCD’s growth and dominance is impressive. What makes it enviable is the complete lack of any real competition (Barista continues to struggle which frequently changing owners) and even best no sign of any emerging ones too.

  5. Hariharan says:

    Ironically Siddhartha of CCD was also a board member of “Mind Tree” when it was started. CCD happened after that.

  6. sandeep says:

    two very good brands indeed. nowadays ccd is all over the places, highways and remote towns … i saw one even in gundulpet!

    and what siddartha said is so right abt people being curt to waiters .. etc. it doesnt cost a thing to smile isnt it?

  7. Thejesh GN says:

    @sandeep :  yeah. All you need is to smile.

  8. chaitanya says:

    I hate CCD for their ridiculously overpriced coffee.

    But as a business, I admire CCD.