Not sure where I am going!

Mostly Udaipur...only if I get bus or I will head to Jaipur. I am leaving my friends and will be on my own for next three days. I could not get ticket to Udaipur here in the city today. I am going to Govt bus stop and then will decide which bus to catch. Wish me luck..I want to go to Udaipur. You guys are on my twitter right?

Update: Pushkar pics are coming. They are amazing!

3 Responses

  1. Prasoon says:

    Ah, an unplanned journey – i believe this could be the best part of ur trip. Hang on n let the unpredictable happen :-) waiting for the pics btw.

    Btw, we’re following you ;-) am on my way back home followin traffic also for now :(

  2. hari says:

    Hey thej….

    Your journey is gettin as exciting as ever day by day.. well will surely look forward for the pics.. btw I m not on twitter, unfortunatly didn understand how do i get that thing working :( anyways will follow you on ur blog Tej…. bon journee…

  3. yep thejesh..following you..:-)pp