Sand Surfing in Deserts of Dubai

The main program of my Dubai visit was sand safari and surfing in desert. We had to go around 20kms from Dubai city to see some sand dunes. In the picture you can see the vehicles on their way to dunes
Bikes and path

This was my ride for the day Land Cruiser from Toyota. Its an amazing suv and if you get a chance to drive, you will surely enjoy it.
Land Cruiser my ride

We have to drive some kilometers in sand to get few good sand dunes to play with.
Lets go

I took this picture from my vehicle. I am sure drivers were enjoying. I did ask my driver and but he didn't agree.

climb down

Apparently you should have very less air pressure to drive in sand dunes. Land Cruiser has so much of raw power it just cruises through the dune very easily.
climb up

You want to capture all you see.

My fellow traveler was lost in sand dunes. She was in desert for the first time. She was awestruck.
co traveler

I had fun surfing on the sand. Its more fun than surfing on snow as there is no chance of getting injured.

My driver was lost in his own world.
My driver

I asked him "would you like to surf?". He told "yes" and started his engine!

In the evening after the sunset we enjoyed belly dance performance.
belly dance

Short video of belly dance performance. May not be very safe to view in office.

6 Responses

  1. ManojVasanth says:

    Nice Pics and cool video :P

  2. Harsha says:

    Nice pics! How was the weather? Was it too hot at sand dunes?

  3. Naveen says:

    Cool, Will surely remember to surf when I go there!!

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