Bijapur – City of Gol Gumbaz

Bijapur capital city of Adil Shah dynasty is famous for Gol Gumbaz and Ibrahim Rauza which inspired Taj Mahal (Yes you read right. It is said that the design for the Ibrahim Rauza served as an inspiration Taj). The weather is normally hot and dusty, hence the best time to visit would be winter (Oct-Jan). For any traveler first stop in Bijapur would be Gol Gumbaz.

Gol Gumbaz is the mausoleum of Adil Shah 1. Structure consists of massive square block of 160ftx160ft. Its covered by the massive dome of 124 ft in diameter. Its the second largest pre-modern dome in the world (after the dome of Hagia Sophia). The four corners of the dome has corner towers. The corner towers also has steps to reach the top of square block.

Gol Gumbaz as seen from the road. You can only see the dome of the Gumbaz from far.

Gol Gumbaz is famous amongst the kids. Its better to visit the Gumbaz early in the morning. If you are late you will have to compete with thousands of Kids.

The dome is not supported by any columns or pillars. The dome because of its acoustics forms a whispering gallery. Any whisper or sound you make gets echoed around 10 times. If you want to try you better reach before kids reach.

Adil Shah built this tomb for himself. He started construction as soon as he came into power. It took 20 years for constructing this building. Now it hosts him and his family.

Bijapur city as seen from the top of Gol Gumbaz.

The next must watch in Bijapur is Ibrahim Rauza. This is the tomb of Adil Shah II and his family.

From far as you can has two main buildings. The left one is the tomb Adil Shah II and his family. The right one is a mosque to offer prayer.

Tomb Adil Shah II and his family. Its on rock bed and is known for symmetrical features. It is said that the design for the Ibrahim Rauza served as an inspiration Taj Mahal.

The mosque has a rectangular prayer-chamber with a facade of five arches. It also has a slender minaret at each corner.

The door for the tomb. The tomb is a square block and has four doors. Each door is very well decorated. The tomb also has windows.

Slender minarets of the Rauza.

There are many other monuments in Bijapur like Malik-e-Maidan, Barakaman, gagan Mahal etc. But nothing as important as Gumbaz and Rauza.

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  1. Lovely pictures Thej. A fine deserving advertisement for Gol Gumbaz!

  2. Thejesh GN says:

    @Rajesh Balakrishnan : Good to know you liked the pics RB.

  3. fibinse says:

    The fifth pic from the bottom, adds weight to “It is said that the design for the Ibrahim Rauza served as an inspiration Taj Mahal.”
    Liked the pics especially the one i spoke about above.

  4. Nice Pics …. Never been there ……… I liked Slender minarets of the Rauza !! Have a great Eve !!

  5. Jyoti PB says:

    WOnderful photos brother. Got very motivated seeing your lovely pictures.
    Planning to drive there from chennai.

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