So 700..why do you follow me?

It was Topa who introduced me in twitter. Since then twitter has been my major online presence other than this blog. Its was my way of sharing the tips on the go. Including getting some tips on how to eat dal baati

Its been an amazing ride until now. But I am still wondering why 700 of them are following me. What interests them in my twitter stream? I am curious. If you follow me on twitter please answer else follow and then answer :)

9 Responses

  1. Veetrag says:

    I don’t know why 700 people follow you, but these are my reason why people usually follow :

    1. They like the content you generate via twitter. It can be tech, politics, PJs, travel tips, timepass etc
    2. They want to advertise there stuff via you, they hope you might follow them again and they can send offers/product news/promotions to you.
    3. They follow you because you follow them.

  2. Common interests – Bangalore, some technology(opensource), TFN. You seem to be an interesting guy as well! Would unfollow you if you are not creating value for me:)

  3. Sathya says:

    I like the little bits of information you keep posting, be it the pics or some other tech stuff :)

  4. Abvan says:

    Simple. The Infy connection.

  5. Vijesh says:

    EventsBangalore.. Blogger.. Traveler.. Those Tweet Pics.. Tech.. lately TFN..

  6. Thejesh GN says:

    @Veetrag : Agree. I think few follow expecting me to follow(marketing guys I guess).
    @Jayadeep Purushothaman : sure :)
    @Vijesh : Pics..interesting.
    @Abvan : hmmm

  7. Ranjan says:

    to get interesting techie links and resources. Thnx for the Google Page Rank Checker, for example!

  8. chaitanya says:

    I follow you because I believe that I could get some tip / info / piece of advice / some interesting fact / some general tip/ some tech byte / some whatever info :D

    I usually like to listen / observe / talk / follow /communicate / network people. I never know what could come in my way. That is why I follow somebody. What else I lose?

  9. ManojVasanth says:

    Informative ,Illustrative and Inspiring Tweets..Thanks for sharing those with us! :)