Drive to Danushkodi

Trip to Danushkodi was waiting to happen from long time. It was supposed to be bike ride (but in that ride we went to Kanyakumari) never the less car drive was awesome. I will post about Rameshwaram and temple bath later. Now take a cappuccino grande and enjoy this post.

Danushkodi is about 20+ kms from Rameshwaram. We can drive our regular car till the Indian Navy base or where the road ends. We parked my WagonR there. For rest of the travel we needed a 4X4. How I wish I had my own 4x4 never the less we hired a converted 4x4 and we were offered balcony seat. Thats Vinay, Manju and me.

Green line in the map shows my car path and red line shows the path of 4X4. The total distance we covered in this 4x4 was about 8kms and it was a roller coaster ride.

With in a kilometer's distance we started to realize that we have sea on both sides of us. This jeep was behind us following all the way.

Towards the end our 4x4 got stuck and from there we started walking.

After a kilometer or so we reached Danushkodi village. There is nothing in the village today after 1964 cyclone. You can still see the train track which was washed out in cyclone. Imagine traveling in train on sea.

According to Wikipedia "Hindu myth says that at the request of Vibeeshana, brother of Ravana and ally of Rama, Rama broke the Sethu with one end of his bow and hence the name Dhanushkodi, Dhanu meaning Bow and Kodi meaning end. It is also said that Rama marked this spot for Setu with one end of his famous bow. Bath in holy Sethu at the junction of the two seas normally precedes the pilgrimage to Rameswaram. A series of rocks and islets found in a line are shown as remnants of the ancient Setu also called as Rama's Bridge."

On the way you will see many abandoned boats and huts.

After about 7-8kms from the parking place you will see the end of land. From there you can see the land under the sea which looks like a crude bridge. As we all know its Ram sethu.

That is me ordering my vanara sena..Lets go to Lanka.

Another picture of submerged Ram Sethu.

We can see lots of such ship wrecks in and around.

There are few fishermen even today living at Danushkodi. You can see their kids having fun.

It is much more beautiful than what I have captured in my 5 year old 3mp camera. The Ram Sethu looks beautiful and very real . I guess at least for the beauty it is, it should be preserved.
I actually live transmitted video from the top of 4X4 and forgot about it. Check it here

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  1. Lavanya says:

    AMAZING! is all I can say! Liked the snap with the jeep in he middle most..

  2. Veerasundar says:

    Dhanushkodi is an amazing place. I’ve been there once and I’ll never forget the journey (and the Jeep-top travel!) in my life time.

    The pictures are crystal clear.. nice shots. :)

  3. Awesome! Very inspirational… I’d say!

    Would love to visit someday!

  4. Prashanth M says:

    beaituful photos!! shows different face of India!

  5. sandeep says:

    Cool snaps…have to visit once…!!!

  6. Thej
    Nice pics.
    Waiting for the Rameswaram post.


  7. Jeevan says:

    Nice pics. Would love to visit the place at least once. Thanks for taking us on a virtual ride..!

  8. Ram N says:

    Amazing travelogue Thejesh.
    Hope you’d do a Rameswaram post too ….

  9. Thejesh GN says:

    @lavanya thanks
    @Veerasundar : Its one unforgettable journey. I have another wish..I want my own 4×4 or dirt bike :)
    @Sameer Panchangam : You should.
    @Prashanth M @Nikhil Narayanan@Jeevan 
    @Ram N @Ram N : Thanks. I will write about Rameshwaram.

  10. I visited Danukshodi and Rameshwaram in Aug ’07 and you rekindled the memories of the trip with this post

  11. Lucie says:

    OMG That looks awesome! I totally want to go there. I am just planning my next trip to India … you are giving me ideas! That place must feel like the end of the world or something … do you think I hire a car somewhere that would take me there?

  12. Thejesh GN says:

    @Lucie : It feels awesome and yeah feels like end of the world.
    If you are planning to visit South India then its a must. Rameshwaram is very well connected by Road and Train. From Rameshwaram you can take taxi/bus to reach Danushkodi parking lot. Form there hire a shared 4×4 which will cost you Rs.150 ($3).
    @Gurinder Raju : Good to know.

  13. Mathang says:

    Maga super snaps
    I love the contrasts–blue sky and the sand
    Btw which camera?
    All of you look great:-)

  14. Thejesh GN says:

    Good old Sony 3x. I guess even you have used it during one of the treks.

  15. XXX says:

    Awesome pics!

  16. Uday Kiran says:

    Hello Thejesh,

    This is Uday (Lavanya’s friend). I sneaked into your blog thru Lavanya’s blog site. This place is really a revelation..a mix of myth, divinity, adventure, fun and can I also say a photographer’s delight ? I have seen many photographs of the place before but the first-hand info you have put in here really helps.


  17. Thejesh GN says:

    @XXX : I would have liked your real name.

    @Uday Kiran : Thanks for liking the post and blog. Its my pleasure. Its a must visit. Its a wholesome experience.

  18. Thej! Was looking for a ‘hatke’ se place for cycling. This is now in the list – On priority :)
    Awesome post n pix!

  19. vishwa says:

    Awesome pics. Thanks a lot for sharing. Kinda inspires one to visit this place.

  20. Thejesh GN says:

    @Srikanth Perinkulam : yeah. Its a good place to cycle. But can you cycle in sand?
    @vishwa : My pleasure.

  21. pau lraj thottam says:

    its very helpfull to me . i like to vist this place.

  22. pau lraj thottam says:

    s there any security problems now a days as the srilankan civil war is goin on?

  23. ajay says:

    Gr8 photos sir. in my travel to rameshwaram , i cudint reach to the place where u have the photo saying(That is me ordering my vanara sena..Lets go to Lanka.)it went too late when i reach the abandoned village. next journey will catch to the end point. Once again thanx a lot for the gr8 photos

  24. Sathiajith says:

    A trip to Rameswaram – Dhanushkodi has been fascinating me for a long time. After seeing your nice snaps and description, I have decided to make it next time when I come to India


  25. krishna says:

    hi thejesh.

    i ws planning to ride to danushkodi on my std 350 ullet from banagalore. while googling the same, i found your site which was even more inspiring for me to visit the place. i could hear some kannada in the video too & thought a possible guide to help me on this issues riding from karnataka. I do have few issues, & would greatly acknowledge you for the same.

    can the trip be made on a bullet till danushkodi?
    which time/season of the year is considered better to visit the place?
    do i have to take any ferry in between to teach the place…? if yes where?
    any positive inputs/suggestions/contacts from your side to ride form banagalore to danushkodi? no matter of the distance i prefer to ride..:)


  26. Gopalan Veeraraghavan says:

    I had been there last month. To take the 4×4 ride to the submerged place one should reach the Naval base by noon. never take the trip around sun set. The jeep wades thrgh knee deep water. The mini truck carry more number of passengers than it canaccommodata and hence there is risk. We had to change the truck thrice due to malfunctioning of vehicle but ultimately decided to drop from the venture and on thenext day we engaged a jeep from rameswaram itself and hade a nice trip. The mini trucks, about a dozen operating are not road worthy, very old and defective. One has tobe cautious.

  27. Anil Kumar says:

    Maga planned to take my family there….whatz ur opinon?

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