The year that was 2009

Even though I am in no mood of writing, I want to keep the tradition of yearly (2007,2008) posts going. Hence this small post

1. We lost many icons this year. Started with MJ and then concluded with C. Ashwath and Vishnu.

2. For me this had been the year of marriages. Most of my friends got married this year. And some became parents.

3. Pretty dull year on traveling. Didn't do much this year. What ever I did was mostly in Karnataka. The year-end long drive was fun, I am yet to write about it. Early this year, I did danushkodi, that drive was fun and beautiful.

4. Picked up bicycle this year. I am using it when ever it is possible. Did few rides this year. Even though long ride still remains a dream, climbing Nandi was not small for me. I have to do 300+ ride in 2010.

5. Completed Seven years in IT industry middle of this year, experience and learning have been great. And will complete 7 years at Infosys this Jan 13. Its been a great roller coaster ride. This is also my seventh year of blogging.

6. Launched personal projects Tweet4Blood and MyElectronicsCity. I am happy the way they have turned out. I will write about how they are doing in coming months, but I am happy.

7. Finally all my non blog related online creations found a home at it's mostly accessed on mobile and hence the small name. It's live aggregation of my tweets, flickr mobile pictures, delicious reading and location. Never thought somebody will go through it, but the mobile picture blog is decently viewed. I need to find a way to get FB likes/comments onto this.

Otherwise this blog has been and will be my major way of connecting with people online. Happy to announce 500+ rss subscribers. If you haven't do subscribe.

8. I am still involved with UbuntuAtWork as volunteer developer. Its been a great year. We will try to archive many more things in coming year.

9. At last another major decision this year, I am taking an year's sabbatical to volunteer at Janaagraha. I will start there on Jan 15th.

I wish you all a very successful and peaceful twenty ten.

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  1. jyoti says:

    wishing u a happy new year.

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