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Ride through clouds and curves to Valaparai 12

Ride through clouds and curves to Valaparai

It started with the plan to ride to Gokarna through Shivamogga. After our ride to Kanyakumari almost an year back we wanted to go for a long ride desperately. Heavy rains in Western Ghats of Karnataka forced us to change the destination. Anand suggested that we will ride to Valparai and it would...

Destiny Farmstay at Ooty 10

Destiny Farmstay at Ooty

When Matty floated this idea of Ooty I was in two minds. My image of Ooty had lots of newly married couples or families with lots of kids. I don’t have problem with families or couples. But they don’t fit into my idea of vacation at hill station. Matty did an excellent job...