Tweet4Blood on SkyNews

Tweet4Blood is covered on SkyNews UK today. Thanks to @RuthBarnett for such a wonderful coverage. I hope this coverage will make more and more people to follow @tweet4blood and donate blood.
"He set it up after a friend's father asked for blood before he had a heart operation."
Friends operation I was talking about in the article is Sandeep MKs article. I got inspired that day and I coded the application. Few days later VSR (I owe you lots of coffees man) redesigned the site and made that awesome logo.
"Since people tweet with blood type, location and phone number, it becomes easy for me to get in touch with the patient and do my best"
Also thanks to friend and fellow twitterist Sharadaprasad for sharing his experience. I feel very happy and satisfied when I get to know somebody made use of Tweet4Blood.

Thanks all.

BTW myself and VSR are already working on v2.0. Wait for more announcements.
Update: July 28
Some more good news. Today we got covered on Bangalore Mirror. Thanks to everybody at @bangaloremirror for spreading the cause.

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  1. Ashly A K says:

    Wonderful !!!!!!

  2. Naveen Arur says:

    Great work…congrats

  3. Thej,

    Excellent work. hats off…

  1. August 11, 2009

    […] As I had written earlier, myself and @vsr are working on version 2 of Tweet4Blood . Here are some screens which VSR recently created. Home page has more information now. It has lot of white (yellow?) space which I like. As you can see it has very prominent twitter login button for donors to login. You don’t have to login to request as before. The major change to the app will be alert customization for donors. Now you can login using your twitter account (Yeah. oAuth. No password sharing) and set your alerts. You can get the alerts for the blood requests in your city by mail, DM and IM (is coming not in screen shot). Blood requesting is same as before, though it will include some suggestions from Umesh aka @ooomz like more user friendly forms. Like I have written earlier, you dont have to login to request. […]