What next on Tweet4Blood?

As I had written earlier, myself and @vsr are working on version 2 of Tweet4Blood . Here are some screens which VSR recently created. Home page has more information now. It has lot of white (yellow?) space which I like. As you can see it has very prominent twitter login button for donors to login. You don't have to login to request as before.
tweet4blood home
The major change to the app will be alert customization for donors. Now you can login using your twitter account (Yeah. oAuth. No password sharing) and set your alerts. You can get the alerts for the blood requests in your city by mail, DM and IM (is coming not in screen shot). i.e when somebody requests your blood group, in your city, tweet4blood will send you an IM/DM/email depending on your settings.
Tweet4blood profile
Blood requesting is same as before, though it will include some suggestions from Umesh aka @ooomz like more user friendly forms. Like I have written earlier, you dont have to login to request.

Let us know what your thoughts about this new design. Actually you can suggest features too.

Question: Should we have an option to automatically post to FaceBook? may be perhaps using an app.

6 Responses

  1. Devakishor says:

    A feature to post of Facebook would be real good, the more the reach, the better it is.

    How about some registry? Those who wants to donate can register with city, blood group, contact details et al. When somebody post a request, Tweet4bblood can automatically DM/IM/@reply/email them based on the details.

  2. Thejesh GN says:

    @Devakishor : Sure. We are already working on it. Check the second screen shot :) We call them alert to donors. May be we should think of a new name.

  3. shiva says:

    New screens are good, however, I suggest a picture which resemblance or shows about blood donation or + plus sign something like, it would be more effective.

    If possible tie up or request any Internet sms providers (way2sms or indyarocks or 160by2)for sms alerts as well. I think it helps both.

    do check my website as I had added your blog on it.


  4. Umesh says:

    Thanks for the link love and glad that you took my feedback.

    But personally i liked the look of the existing site. Lets see how the new one turns out be

  5. Veera says:

    Looks good.

    The color themes reminds me Ubuntu OS! :)

  6. Veera says:

    and, I’m really curious to know what will the content for the menu ‘abcdef’!! :D :D