Do you moderate your own tweets?

There are both positives and negatives being on twitter. I get to share interesting stuff, like live pictures, articles, posts, ideas, travel experience etc. I also get to read. I have got so many great answers to my questions, that i reach to a twitter client as soon as I have a question. Its special while traveling as you get answers in real time. I have also tried to help people. Twitter is the new **water cooler**. Yes I use it to track my boss too :)
On the negative side anybody can easily track me easily. There is information overload. You really can not keep up with everybody as you start following more and more people. And last but not the least tweeting when I am angry

The positives have been so overwhelming that I don’t consider negatives as negatives except point #3. So now, I have a rule. Don’t tweet when you are angry. I give two thinkings before I tweet anything negative. Since tweeting is easy, we generally tend to judge everything in 140 seconds. Twitter has bigger effect (as much as a blog post if not more), so we need to responsible before we comment on anything. I must agree those #fail tags have helped me many times but I personally think twice before I tag anything #fail. So do I moderate my tweets? Yes, I do.

Do you moderate your own tweets? In what scenarios?

7 Responses

  1. Radha says:

    I moderate them too.. Pretty much the same stuff that you do.. I don’t like to tag anything as #fail or pass judgments.. The only negative stuff I usually say are things I see/read and I disapprove..
    I agree with you when you say you need to be responsible before commenting on anything on Twitter..

  2. Cruisemaniac says:

    @Thej, @Radha, a conversation on twitter is very akin to having a real world conversation. When it comes to moderation, it all boils down to what it matters to you as value and what you define as acceptable.

    I look at twitter exactly as how I described it above. So yes, I wouldnt call someone names / fling insults just like I wouldnt say in the real world. But, if I have to have an opinion, judgemental or not, I am allowed to voice my opinion in a way that is “socially acceptable, Enmasse”.

    Happy Tweeting! :-)

  3. Radha says:

    @Cruisemaniac – Like you said, twitter is akin to having a real world conversation and the things I said about how I moderate my tweets are exactly how I speak in my offline life too :)
    Effectively, we are saying the same thing.. Be yourself, but be responsible in the way you are voicing those opinions :) Right?

  4. Cruisemaniac says:

    @Radha Bingo :-)

  5. Dhanya says:

    Yup, I do moderate my tweets. Online ethics should be taken into consideration. Also, like you mentioned it’s very easy to misunderstand messages online.

  6. I think everybody moderates their tweets to a certain extent. I do, and I’m more careful when it’s an emotional one, be it disappointment, anger, sadness or happiness. And before replying to a tweet, I think a million times making sure the idea gets across exactly the way I intended it to be. I pose questions shamelessly though. I hardly ever think before posting a question. Sometimes the most unlikeliest of questions can get an overwhelming response, and it’s enlightening and entertaining!

  7. Thejesh GN says:

    @Cruisemaniac : The basic difference between real world conversations and twitter is “real world conversations” are not saved and searchable. So if you made a mistake its not easy to take back.
    @Radha : Agree with you.
    @Dhanya : True
    @Manasa Malipeddi : You got it.