The year that was 2010

Now that you are used to "The year that was (2007, 2008, 2009)" posts, I will get into the post with out introduction.

1. Sabbatical - spent most of my time at Janaagraha thanks to Infosys. My sabbatical will end on Jan 15. Wait for a detailed post.

2. My sister got married.

3. Did a month long motorcycle ride across India to celebrate my 30th birthday. Initial plan was to do 3000kms. At last I ended up doing 5000+kms. It was a life changing ride. I haven't written much about the ride. But I promise, I will. Check all posts tagged #3kfor30.
Surprisingly you can make new friends at 30. I guess I never met so many interesting people in one year, of course 1998 was a different story.

4. Restarted YAPodcast as 1by2coffee with Veetrag. Now we have nearly 2000 downloads. Its been fun. We are planning to do at least 25 episodes in 2011 against 12 this year.

5. Planning to raise $500 to setup a computer center at Kodagalli with UbuntuAtWork. Thanks to friends we are already at $325. The rest should be done in another 15 days. I will write a detailed note how we used this money.

6. I have been blogging for seven years now. Thanks for all the support.

I wish you all a very successful and peaceful twenty eleven.

10 Responses

  1. ila says:

    7 yrs- Congrats!
    Expecting your post on 5000+ kms..

  2. Rindo says:

    Eventful year. Congratulations on everything. :)

  3. Kiran Hegde says:

    Wow 5000+ & 7 years of blogging… Keep going …
    Wish you too a Happy New year …

  4. Lobo says:

    Sounds like a life changing 29th year. Great.
    Btw, for #4, have you invented the time travel machine yet? :-)

  5. Ms. Jen says:

    Happy New Year, Thej!

    I am looking forward to your posts on the motorcycle trip, esp more photos.

  6. Happy New Year Thej! Here’s to an even greater 2011!


  7. Hari says:

    I wish u good luck for a nice 2011.

  8. congratulations..wishing you a great 2011

  9. Kiran says:

    I wish you a successful, wonderful and prosperous new year 2011.
    I read your blog regularly, find it very interesting and motivating.
    Keep it going.
    Would like to contribute to Kodagalli initiative, let me know.