GitHub v/s BitBucket

Both at Mavrix and Janaagraha we have projects that run in public and private collaboration modes. DVCS plays a major role in easy collaboration. Choosing a great DVCS hosting provider is very important for the success of collaboration. After a few days of comparative studies and research, we reached a point where we had decide between GitHub and BitBucket. I created this table to make that easy for us.

Service GitHub Bitbucket
Type Private Public Private Public
DVCS Git Mercurial and Git
Disk space No free private repos. 0.30GB soft limit. Unlimited free space
Collaborators No free pvt Collaborators Unlimited 5 free collaborators Unlimited
Clients in Windows GitHub for windows. TortoiseHQ is great.
Clients in Linux Good tools. Many options. TortoiseHQ works really well.
Issue trackers Free Free
Wiki Free Free
Custom Domains No Such options Free
Authorizations Good permissions control Great control. Has groups.
Hooks Has web and mail hooks Has web and mail hooks
API Yes, JSON too Yes
People/Community Social and big community Not so big community
Academic/NGO support Nothing special. Free offers of unlimited pvt repos etc
Pro account Yes. Seems expensive. Charge on space, no of pvt Repos and no of pvt collaborators Yes, very affordable. Charge only on the basis of no of pvt collaborators
Results No so good Great Great Good


  • Place for your startup to collaborate and develop private projects - Bitbucket
  • Place for your startup to collaborate and develop public projects - Github takes first place until unless the project is really big and has dedicated developers. In that case Bitbucket is an obvious choice.
  • Where you need to be - Github for sure and you will end up at Bitbucket anyway.

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5 Responses

  1. the100rabh says:

    Great comparison, but there is a free private option with GIT as well with . I found it to be good actually.

    I hope we are meeting for BCB10. It will be great to have your inputs at my session on personal code versioning

  2. asdsad says:

    Actually, Git Extensions is a very good Git client for Windows. Try it out.

    The only problem with GitHub right now is the very slow dev cycle. They take forever to add the smallest of features that already exist in their competitors.

    Also take a look at – they are quite good too. The only reason I haven’t gone codebasehq yet is because their interface feels kludgy right now. After that gets better, GitHub and BitBucket won’t hold a candle!

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