Daily Report 19 – Srinagar to Dharamsala

We were supposed to drive only till Pathankot today. But then we decided to drive all the way till Dharamsala, as it would give us an extra morning to spend at Dharamsala. Also its summer so days are very long and there is sun light at least until 7:30.

Though at one point I thought our plan would fail due to traffic jams and slow moving traffic. The idea of not stopping for breaks worked. We took only two breaks. One for breakfast and next one in Pathankot for coffee.

Road from Pathankot is good, beautiful and didnt have much traffic at all. Hence it was an easy 90kms at the end of the day.

Its probably our longest and slowest day in the car. Its only 460KMS but total lapsed time is 16 hours and 13 hours in movement.