Review of rotring Tikky 3in1 Pen

If you know me then you would probably know that my biggest weakness is stationery stores. I love everything they have from notebooks to erasers. I love buying pens, notebooks and watches. Unlike watches I do use notebooks and pens on daily basis. For a long time I used Reynolds Jetter Ballpen. Its cheap, works really well on all kinds of paper and fits well in your back pocket. Most of my engineering was Jetter.

Very recently my note taking has become more visual or Sketchnotes, or what we used to call doodling. It packs more things on a small yellow sticky notes or even a napkin. But soon I figured I need colours. Only black wouldn't be that great. So I started looking for pens.

My notebook and  Tikky 3in1

My notebook and Tikky 3in1

I came across rotring. They have great mechanical pencils. But I wasn't exactly looking for pencils. They I chanced upon Tikky 3in1 pen. It has two pen colors and a pencil. It even packs a small eraser at the back. It can store more leads, so no issues there.

I use regular pencil  leads

I use regular pencil leads

I was never a pencil guy. Except for engineering drawings I never used pencil. I used pens to draw even in exams. So this is my pencil time again. I am using regular 2B as of now. I will probably change to darker 4B.

More of an engineers pen but can be used for other purposes too.

More of an engineers pen but can be used for other purposes too.

The pen looks like an engineers pen. So if you are wearing formals it may not be a great match. But if you are at a desk or on field it will match your work clothes. That said it writes very fluently so one can use it for letter writing.

UART over BLE whole flow on a sticky notes


In my case I have been mostly using it for doodling. I have been very happy.

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  1. Anand says:

    awesome will need to give it a try do we get it in india?