Coding in 2020 and COVID-19

Like many, this year has been crazy for me too. When there is a crisis that I don't have control over, I surround myself with good people and work. So I can concentrate on things that I like. COVID-19 was no different, except I couldn't meet people

So it was mostly just work. Since March, I have been doing a ton of work. Most of it is personal interest around data collection, cleaning, etc. I must say that I am grateful that I have work, and I can earn money for doing most of it.

Now that we have reached December, I am longing to take a break and rest. Also, read something outside technology. So maybe you will see more book reviews in the second and third week of December.

Github in 2020
GitHub in 2020

The above graph show my work during this year. You can see the amount of commits I have done in comparison to 2019 or 2018.

GitHUb in 2019
GitHUb in 2019
GitHub in 2018

Here is Gitlab for 2020. I couldn't figure out GitLab's last year's graph. But I don't think it is very different from GitHub's.

Gitlab in 2020
GitLab in 2020

I wish I had spend more time reading. Given the situation, I am not complaining.

Everyone handles crisis in different ways. This is my way. How are you managing COVID-19?

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  1. Prasad says:

    Nice post Thejesh. The pandemic has changed the work environment and the they way people work in the coming future.