Scraping Karnataka Reservoir Water Flow Data

Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre (KSNDMC) publishes the reservoir inflow and outflow data on weekly basis for all the dams in Karnataka. But the data is difficult to export. So I wrote a script seven years back to pull this data. Recently I just updated the script and cleaned up a bit. The code is a bit cleaner than before, more than that it works :)

Karanataka Reservoir flow details as reported by Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre (KSNDMC). Scrapes Reservoir data and saves into SQLITE. Can also export into CSV, JSON

Currently it has data from 2010 to 2020. For some earlier years data is not complete. But overall its a decade worth of data. Useful for anyone doing research around it.

Data is availble in SQLITE, CSV and JSON format. It has the following columns.

  • SL_NO - Just a sequence number
  • RESERVOIR - Name of the reservoir
  • YEAR
  • UNIQUE_KEY - Combination of RESERVOIR and FLOW_DATE

We have the data for the following reservoirs.

  • Alamatti
  • Bhadra
  • Ghataprabha
  • Harangi
  • Hemavathi
  • K.R.S
  • Kabini
  • Linganamakki
  • Malaprabha
  • Narayanapura
  • Supa
  • Tungabhadra
  • Varahi

You can run the script yourself if required. But its not necessary as I update the data often. So book mark or follow the repository.