COVID-19 India Vaccination Progress Data

We have started collecting the available data around the COVID-19 vaccination in India. We are currently only scraping and parsing the cumulative (India) vaccination count published on the MoHFW website. We want to do the same as soon as states start publishing the data. Some states like Karnataka have already started publishing the data. We will start publishing once we have data from enough states.

Currently, India level cumulative data is available as JSON at datameet/covid19 repo in mohfw_vaccination_status.json. Columns are self-explanatory.

    "_id": "2021-01-25T09:00:00.00+05:30|vaccinations",
    "_rev": "1-c008b754d322a61138af5ffe7309a8ce",
    "report_time": "2021-01-25T09:00:00.00+05:30",
    "total": 1615504,
    "source": "mohfw",
    "type": "vaccinations"

You can convert the JSON into a CSV or Table using CSVKit or online tool.

in2csv -f json mohfw_vaccination_status.json -k rows > vaccination.csv

If you prefer using the database then you can convert into a table using sqlite-utils and jq

cat mohfw_vaccination_status.json \
| jq [.rows[].value] \
| sqlite-utils insert local.db vaccinations - --pk _id

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