Chennai / IITM Paradox’22 Fest

Last weekend (May 20,21,22) I was in Chennai for Paradox2022, the first offline student festival for IITM BSc Students. I have been teaching MAD01 and MAD02 since 2020 for BSc students personally; it's been a great experience. But I never got to meet any of them in person, so I thought it would be an excellent chance to meet them. With the bonus of seeing more than a hundred students getting their diplomas.

In May 2022, Bangalore recorded the lowest day temperature in recent history. These are my sensors. Blue line is from my balcony and red one is from inside home. We don't have AC.

The change in weather was not pleasant; I was expecting somewhat hot Bangalore to very hot Chennai. But the weather in Bangalore that week was fantastic. So the transition was uncomfortable. Anyway, that's just Bangalorean in me complaining.

Like usual I took pictures of Postbox
Compulsory picture from IITM
Diploma Awardee Ceremony - Picture: IIT Madras Bsc Degree Program

The fest was more fun than I expected. I met many people and got some interesting and valuable feedback on my courses and the online education system; in general, I had lots of conversations with the people I met for the first time but have been in touch. I want to write about those couple of exchanges. I will need some time to synthesize them into a meaningful blog post.

Interaction with Instructors - Picture: IIT Madras Bsc Degree Program
Group photo of students, staff, instructors etc. Picture: IIT Madras Bsc Degree Program
Main Ceremony - Picture: IIT Madras Bsc Degree Program

Until then, congratulations to all who got their diploma. To the rest of them, good luck, and you know how to reach me if required.

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