Simple Readlist viewer

Until now, I have been using readlist on JSONFeed readers. But one of the reasons to have a readlist is to share it with friends. So I thought of a page that lists the links with some description. So now I have a simple page that does just that. It fetches the JSONFeed of a readlist and displays the articles as a list. 

Screenshot of readlist

I cheated a bit by reusing my old news-stream code, which I think I never released, heavily influenced by Dave Winer's rivers. But as you can see, it's elementary and needs work. But it's usable. 

For example, here is my reading list for Srilanka's economic crisis. You can read it online or in your feed reader. 

The goal is to make it look, feel and work like Pocket Collections or Instapaper public folder. But that works with an open standard and is self-hosted.

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