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I always wanted a simple App that would read the SMS and push it to a web endpoint (also called webhook) sometimes. I wanted such an app to easily back up and process the SMSes in real-time and on the web. For example, I could forward it to ntfy topic to share the messages with other machines or run a bunch of regexes to extract the information, log them to DB, etc. Once you have it on your server, the sky is the limit.

I have been searching for Android app to do such a thing for a long time. At last, I found SMS to URL Forwarder on F-Droid. It's a FOSS application available only on F-Droid and works like a charm. It falls into my category of Apps with webhooks for cloud support. 

It's a simple app, you set up all the SMSes to go to a specific web endpoint, or you can filter it by number. It expects 200 as the response code and retries up to ten times. The data it POSTs is a very simple JSON to your webhook

{"from":"1234567890","text":"sms test"}

It sets the headers as 

HTTP method: POST
Content-type: application/json; charset=utf-8
User-agent: SMS Forwarder App

There is no other security mechanism. You can include the URL parameters if you want to validate something Or create a long, unique, hard-to-guess endpoint, especially if you plan to do anything significant. 

Setup screens - Credit F-Droid App Page.

I use it on a Lineage OS phone, pushing the message to my local network, accessible on Wifi. It's been running for months now with no issues. Go to author's blog post if you want to know more. 


  • There seems to be another app aptly named "SMS Hooks." SMS Hooks is an app that listens for incoming SMS messages and sends a POST request to your webhook URL containing the SMS details. It's available only as an apk on Github. I have not tried it
  • If you have a set of regexes to process the SMSes and don't mind sharing it, please do. I will publish mine soon.

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