Weekly Notes 45/2022

It looks like I have injured myself. It seems like an RSI. Nothing to worry about; I met the doctor, who advised me of the remedies. The good thing is we found out early; it's minor and complete recovery is possible. 

CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre
CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre
  • I watched Gandhada Gudi by Amoghavarsha, a docudrama with Puneeth Rajkumar. It's a good watch, especially if you are a fan of PRK. 
  • I have started using Feedland as a simple feed reader. The subscriptions are limited to my Blogring. The best thing is that the items I mark as 👍🏼 in Feedland become liked on my microblog. You can check them out here. You can use Feedland to maintain your RSS/Atom feed subscription list, and any other app can use. Feedland also has a river-like feedreader, which I love. 
  • I have added location taxonomy to the blog. It denotes the place I was at when I blogged. It still needs improvement, but I have had a good start; for example, you can get all BengaluruThrissur, or Mumbai posts. I am still updating the posts. I wanted to use a hierarchical model hence the use of custom taxonomy.  
  • We went to CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre near Sarjapura. Anju likes spending time with dogs there. There were so many dogs this time. If you are planning to get a dog, think about adopting one. You can also do friendly visits to spend time with them and get them things like medicine, shampoos, toys, food, etc. 
  • I tried two new beers this month, new as in new for me. Both are from BrewDog. They both are light and average. 

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