Weekly Notes 47/2022

After 15+ years of using Twitter, I am moving to a self-hosted, federated ActivityPub-based microblog. Too many buzzwords? They all mean something and something concrete. From now on, Twitter will be secondary, and the primary post will be on @thej@social.thej.in. If you are on Mastadon or any other ActivityPub compatible server, search for @thej@social.thej.in and follow me. I intend to follow everyone back in the initial period.

  • Here is the announcement blog of @thej@social.thej.in, and I have already followed a bunch of interesting people. Technical documentation is in progress. I will publish it in the coming weeks. 
  • Pathu needs a warm place, and it's been cold in Bangalore for the last few days. 
Pathu needs warm place
Pathu needs a warm place and it's been cold.

  • RIPE Atlas probe is up and online. I registered for the hardware a long time back. But I received it recently, and now it's online. 
  • I am hiring for Peppo. If you are good with Python or Javascript(Nodejs). Please send me an email. Let's talk.
  • Slowly I am getting back to Surveillance Mapping and IDVC Project. I have added to both this week.
  • FASTag has horrible error messages. One of them is "blacklisted". This week when I was getting down from the elevated highway, the FASTag display flashed "blacklisted" According to the FAQ "A blacklist of tag means vehicle is not allowed to pay through FASTag at the toll plaza. There are various reason of blacklisting of Tag, i.e. Tag is not having sufficient balance in his FASTag account.". So I was just low on balance. But whoever wrote this piece of code should get a medal. 
Screenshot of FasTag FAQ

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