Weekly Notes 50/2022

Since I write weekly notes and there is a week number in the title, I pay attention to how fast the time moves. It's been an excellent way to keep track of time. We are just two weeks away from 2023. Happy holidays ( its starts at least no?) folks.

My travel companion - LC230, liberated version of Thinkpad x203.
  • Following two weeks, I will be in Thrissur. Let me know if you are in Thrissur; we can catch up over tea.
  • My experiment with microblog pub continues in my case; it's a long tail. In the meantime, I have removed DM access from Twitter. So you will have to email me to get my number to message, but I respond to emails faster than messages.
  • I like simple tools that work well with others and are stable ( aka boring tech). This week I wrote a quick and stable ETL using Digdag, Embulk, and Podman (I could have used Docker). I am pleased with how the final product turned out. It's easy to understand and very stable. The initial blog post is here. But I will write about the whole setup in a series.
  • I upgraded the RAM on my Synology. It can run more docker containers now. This tutorial helped me in choosing the RAM.